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Product name : SC Hybrid Fiber Optic Adaptor
Product No. : 201631816395
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 SC Hybrid Fiber Optic Adaptor

Fiber Optic Adaptors are an important component in a fiber optic network; they are used in a fiber optic patch panel or any other outlet to

mate two connectors. Fiber Optic adaptors are available for all standard connector types in both single mode and multimode including Simplex
and duplex versions. Our fiber optic adaptors are made with high precision machines which ensure precise alignment for the connectors when they
are plugged in. Fiber Optic Adaptors are color coded allowing easy identification of the adaptor type. SC hybrid fiber optic adaptors are with plastic or metal
(Zinc alloy nickel plated) housing, ceramic sleeve. Hybrid fiber optic adaptors are available in both female to female, and male to female styles.
Hybrid adaptors are available in singlemode and multimode and many different configurations. They can be practically used in any application
and connect different connector types.

▪  Made of high quality Zirconia ceramic sleeves
▪  100% tested on optical performance (Insertion Loss & Return Loss)
▪  End-face geometry requirement complies to Telcordia GR-326-CORE
▪  For end-to-end fiber cable connectivity
▪  Available in singlemode and multimode, including APC and various colours
▪  Female to female & male to female adaptors available
▪  Hybrid, Shuttered and Metal adaptors available
▪  Coloured for easy indentification

Environmental & Mechanical Data

Operating Temperature 

-40 to +75º C

Storage Temperature: 

-40 to +85º C

Temperature Cycling (61300-2-18)

-40 to +75º C, 40 cycles=0.2dB change

High temperature (61300-2-18)

70˚c for 96Hrs, <0.4dB change

Damp Heat (61300-2-19)

40º C at 93%RH for 96 Hrs, <0.4dB change

Vibration-Mated Pair (61300-2-1)

10-55Hz, 1.5mm P to P <0.2dB change

Mating Durability (61300-2-2)

500 Mating Cycles, clean every 25, <0.2dB change

Optical Performance Data


Single mode







50/125 10G

Insert Loss/connector (single Fiber)

0.2dB Max. (0.15dB typ.) 

0.2dB Max. (0.15dB typ.) 

Return Loss

≥45 dB

≥50 dB

≥60 dB


Insert Loss/MTRJ Connector

0.5dB Max. (0.45dB typ.)

0.5dB Max. (0.45dB typ.)

Pull Strength



Design & Materials


Adaptor material

Zinc Alloy with nickel plating

Split Sleeve Material

Zirconia ceramic 

Capillary diameter tolerance (Single Mode)

126 ± 0.5μm

Capillary diameter tolerance (Multimode)

127± 0.5μm

Operating Temperature 

-40 to +85º C

Storage Temperature: 

-40 to +85º C

Mating durability

>500 Mating Cycles


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